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High quality footwear for women



Sustainable thinking is strongly incorporated into our design process. Our goal is to design non-seasonal models that are long-lasting and functional in both appearance and durability. All our products are designed in our home city, Tampere, Finland.

We pay special attention to our materials. It is particularly important to invest in the sustainability of shoes as they are difficult to recycle efficiently. The longer a product stays in use, the lower its environmental impact. In order to extend the life cycle of our products we encourage our customers to take care of their footwear and, if necessary, to take them to a cobbler to be fixed.


We source all our materials from responsible producers in Europe. Palmroth products use carefully selected high-quality materials. Our products are designed to resist different weather conditions and use. So they stay in good condition and nice looking for a long time.

The leather we use in our shoes comes mainly from the Vicenza and Avellino regions in Italy in addition to a few special types of leather that come from Alicante, Spain. All our materials are manufactured following EU environmental standards and controls. For example, leather chemicals are regulated in the EU by the REACH regulation.

Our all-weather materials are made in Milan, Italy. Our lining materials and components also come from Italy and Portugal.

The soles of our footwear are manufactured in the Macerata region of Italy, Germany, Portugal and Finland.


Our selection also includes completely vegan products that have not been made from animal-derived materials.


We already use recycled ingredients in some of our materials. For example, some of our sole types are made from partially recycled pulp. In the late winter of 2021, Vegtile, our new generation of all-weather material includes recycled polyester and corn oil-based biomass. Our goal is to further increase the use of recycled materials in our future collections.


Palmroth products are manufactured in Portugal by a small family business. This way we are able to guarantee good manufacturing conditions. Portugal is an EU country that is classified as low risk. Workers are protected and monitored by EU law. For example, workers are not exposed to harmful toxins and they always receive appropriate compensation for their work. In EU countries, the minimum wage is determined based on the cost of living in each country. Monthly salary is also influenced by the type of work. Portugal complies with Working Time Regulations that prevent workers from becoming overburdened.


We have appointed a person in our company to monitor local production and we also visit the factory regularly.


We procure materials according to demand and manufacture products based on orders. This way we are able to avoid overproduction and losses. We strive to make use of all production surplus. Second-quality products and sample pairs are sold in outlets at a cheaper price, and we give surplus materials to educational institutions and sample patches to kindergartens, etc.



The production of Palmroth materials, footwear and bags is concentrated in southern Europe, which shortens transport distances. We partner with companies who share our sustainable values. This applies also to logistics.

We have designed our material and product logistics that there is no extra kilometres accumulated and the carbon footprint of our transport is kept as low as possible. Our production materials come mainly from Italy, Spain and Portugal and they are transported directly to the Portuguese factory over land.

Finished footwear is mainly transported to retailers by ship or over land.

In Finland, Matkahuolto delivers packages bought by consumers through e-commerce over land, while international deliveries are flown by a courier that compensates for the CO2 emissions caused by transport in their Go green program, in which we also participate.


Palmroth uses fossil-free energy generated by wind power. Our goal is to constantly invest in minimising the impact of our operations on the climate and environment.


All our packaging is made of either paper or cardboard. Used as raw materials, paper and cardboard are natural, recyclable and biodegradable. Our bags have FSC certification to ensure sustainability. We do not use plastic in our packaging.

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